Tips on Cleaning Your TSUBO Shoes!

Congratulations on your new pair of TSUBO shoes!
We know you’ll love them from the very first step.


If you are like us, you’ll want your shoes looking their best long after you first pull them out of the box. You might even be the sort (again like us) to keep those shoes stashed in their original box at night. So, before you take your kicks out into the world, we thought you’d want some tips for keeping them looking their best!


Let’s start from the bottom up:

Our lightweight outsoles should wash off easily. If something really gets stuck in the tread, you can use an old toothbrush and gentle cleanser.


Although lightweight, the foamed rubber midsole is super durable and will not compress over time.  Your whites stay white with a sponge cleaning, but we are big fans of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser--it keeps those white midsoles sparkly!


Are your shoes made of nubuck or suede? We suggest applying a silicone spray to the nubuck or suede right away. This​ prevents dirt from sticking.


If you already left home without protection and came back with a bit of dirt, no worries! With a suede brush, brush the material in one direction only. This will lift dirt, dust and debris.​ Once clean, follow up with​ some silicone spray to prevent dirt from sticking.

How about your leather shoes? Clean and condition leather shoes using a soft cloth and a mild leather cleaner, remembering not to rub in one place too much, as this may darken the leather and result in an uneven look. Air-dry the shoes at room temperature.​


Need some additional protection from water and soil spot? Apply a spray ​water repellent regularly to the surface.


Do your shoes have some Mesh panels? Use a damp sponge with mild soap and cold water--but don't soak the shoe. For excessive dirt, use a brush (old toothbrush works fine) along with a mild soap and cold water. Air-dry away from heat.​


That’s it! Enjoy your TSUBOs!