About TSUBO® and the TSUBO® Corporate Sales & Gifts Program

TSUBO® footwear is intended for the individualists who seek comfort without compromising style. TSUBO® mixes elements of athletic style and comfort using edgy, high quality materials to create functional and versatile footwear with modern street looks. The program offers special bulk buy discounts on TSUBO® men's and women's fashion shoes, boots, and sneakers. Make a statement about your company or organization by choosing cutting edge TSUBO® shoes and footwear for your corporate incentives, gifts, and events.


The Corporate Sales & Gifts program is recommended for any individual or company interested in purchasing products for corporate meetings, employee recognition plans, incentives, promotions, and corporate gift programs and events. We do not offer this company discount program to anyone reselling online or for retailers that were not approved with Dealer Services. We require a minimum order size of 25 pairs in order to qualify for the program.

For specific pricing details or to discuss eligibility, please contact our Corporate Sales Department at 928-779-5938 ext. 2528 (001.1.928.779.5938 ext 2528 for international) or send an e-mail to discuss your eligibility.

Product Availability

All products currently listed on our site are available for corporate ordering, including gift cards. We recommend contacting the Corporate Sales Department at least three weeks prior to when your TSUBO® footwear is needed. Product availability cannot be guaranteed under any circumstances.


Corporate ordering is available for shipments only to United States. If products need to be shipped elsewhere, please speak with the Corporate Sales Department. Your corporate/group order can be fulfilled in a variety of ways. Our Corporate Sales Department will work with you to find a method that best suites your needs.


Can you ship my corporate/group order internationally?
Under normal circumstances, corporate and group orders can only be sent within the United States. Please discuss this with the Corporate Sales Department if you require an exception.

Can I resell the items in my order?
We do not offer this program to anyone reselling online or for retailers that were not approved with Dealer Services. If you are unsure whether your circumstance falls under this, please speak with the Corporate Sales Department.

What payment methods do you accept?
We can accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover. If you need to pay via another method, please contact the Corporate Sales Department.

What shipping method do you use?
We use UPS Next Day as our primary method of shipping. We cannot ship with customer’s UPS or FedEx shipping account.

Do you charge sales tax on corporate/group orders?
Deckers Outdoor Corporation is required to charge sales tax on orders being shipped to the following states: AZ, CA, CO, NY, OK, FL, NV, DC, HI, IL, MA, CT, AR, SD, VT, TX, PA, UT. If a resale license is provided, we can waive sales tax charges.